Software Subteam

Aim and Plan

To develop and maintain an R package family on covariate adjustment for industry/regulatory/academia with the RobinCar verse (Robust estimation and Inference for Covariate Adjustment in Randomized clinical trials).


To become one of the most comprehensive libraries of existing and future methods on covariate adjustment.

  • Comprehensive coverage of methodologies

  • Development version of RobinCar2


To become one of the standard R packages for the industry/regulatory on covariate adjustment Selected methods with rigorous validation and clear documentation for GxP compliance.

  • A lite version of RobinCar in terms of methodology coverage

  • A more rigorously validated and better documented version of RobinCar, suitable for the GxP environment


Co-leaders: Dong Xi (Gilead), Yanyao Yi (Eli Lilly) and Liming Li (Roche)

Members: Mark Baillie, Marlenda Bannick, Gregory Chen, Hongfei Li, Ray Lin, Dominic Magirr, Alexander Przybylski, Craig Wang, Jiawei Wei, Alan Wu, Bingying Xie, Jiajun Xu, Ting Ye, Xin Zhang